Bulk Item Discounts

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Bulk Item Discounts

Post  Portalboy on February 11th 2013, 3:03 pm

Hey guys, I'm here with my first forum topic other than my admin application!

So basically I was thinking that if a Soda (example name) costs $10, a soda shipement should not cost $100 ($10 x 10),
But something dramatically cheaper, such as $75 or half price at $50.

This will encourage the use of shipments, like in real life, and allow fluctuation in prices from dealer to dealer. This is what people do in real life, mass production companies make several thousands of something and sell it in huge amounts, massive bulk orders, to buyers, who resell it for a slightly inflated price.

This will allow gun dealers to either get more money, or attract more customers, (depending on how they set their prices) And make things a lot more flexible.


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Re: Bulk Item Discounts

Post  Ablationer on February 12th 2013, 12:10 am

Actually, the price of shipments is 10x the price of a single item.

But you get 20 of these items instead of 10.

I guess people are just too used to seeing it being 10 items per shipment. I'll probably make it so it's 10 but much cheaper.
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