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Post  Zoober on October 5th 2013, 6:36 pm

I was flying around City 8(Tokyo) and realized there should be transit points and there were some really cool places for them!
I thought that the well along the main fighting road could have something inside of it that you captured by standing around the well a different prop than the normal transit point.
Then the very large road that no one really goes along often could be Highway.
Maybe 1-2 cops bases because there are lots of very combinish areas near where they spawn.
The subway I thought could have one in the corner where the seating and vending machines are.
Then where the crims spawn could be like Crim Hallway. And where the civi's spawn it could be something like marketplace as there are lots of places for small shops. And I think it would be really cool too see other props as the Transit Points!

Thank you for your time and patience!


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