Event: Zombie Uprising

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Event: Zombie Uprising

Post  ThreeDawg on October 6th 2013, 12:31 am

The sound of Vaporizers and BFGs fill the air. The Civilians watch in awe, both the Cops and Crims having fought to a standstill, the City Square now a warzone. Bodies keep dropping, people keep respawning, and it seems there is no end to the deadlock.

Then suddenly, the gunfire ceases for just a moment.

A fell wind sweeps across the city.

A bell begins to toll in the distance, it's rings heard throughout the city.

And then suddenly....

They arrive.

They come from all sides. Fast Zombies, Zombie Antlions, Slow Zombies.....

And leading the charge....

The Zombie Matriarch.

Civilians grab the guns from the fallen, and begin to assist in the new fight.

Cops and Crims put aside their differences for the moment, to attack the new threat.

Enemies become Comrades.

Foes fight together, swapping ammunition, combining resources.

And yet....

The Hoard continues to march.

One by one, people begin to fall. Perhaps the first to fall is the Mayor, or the Mob Boss, from leading the charge into the hoard, but became part of it in the process.

Perhaps it was the Armored Unit, or the Big Cheese, who just couldn't keep track on how much longer their invincibility could hold.

Perhaps it was a sniper, taken from behind by a Acid Crab.

Or mabye it was the lowly gangster, who had panic'd, ran, and ran straight into the hoard itself, trapped.

And as they fell, they rose back up, to join the hoard...

And clear everyone out.

Finally, once no one remained, they would die. New survivors would move into the city.

Hate between the Crims and Cops would be rekindled....

And the fight for the Transit Points would continue.

Until the Zombies returned once more.


This is an idea for a event I've been bouncing around in my head for the past week. While it may be slightly difficult to code, I'd think that it would be a rather fun addition to the server. Another thought, it might require a server with more.... Space? More player slots?

Anyway, for the moment, I digress.Onto the idea.

The event would be the Zombie Uprising. Once the server is full, and probably once a week, three people would be chosen amongst the server randomly. One could possibly become a new class for the zombies, a sort of ' Mayor Role ', the Zombie Matriarch.

Zombie Matriarch: A class with almost no fighting abilities, other than it's ability to disable people with it's scream. It is otherwise unable to attack, but gives buffs to the zombies around it. It's screams do not effect the Zombies, and has a 90 sec cooldown. A person should only be able to be killed as the Matriarch once, and then shall be kicked out of it. After the Matriarch is killed, the ability for the Zombies to respawn would be destroyed. All the survivors would need to do, is kill the remaining zombie players, and the invasion will be over, and the Living will have triumphed, and shit can go back to normal. Maybe give the survivors a prize for this?

The other two randomly chosen players could be made into Zombie Berserkers. They could be tasked with protecting the queen. Or, if they feel daring, move out, and pick other players off, one by one. But, this leaves the Matriarch open to attack....

For the invasion to continue, all the Zombies need to do is kill a Cop or Crim. Once a cop or crim is dead, they will be forced to respawn as a Zomb. Classes able to be chosen should be the headcrab set, and the Fast and Slow Zombie, or if they are able, claim the one slot open for the Zombie Antlion ( Only one slot for these guys, no more. We only need one antlion on the field! )

Once all the Cops and Crims are dead, the Zombie Invasion is over, and the Zombies have won. The original 3 should get some sort of prize, or whatnot.

Civs are welcome to join in. Zomb to Civ rules do apply. If you are not attacked by a Civ, you cannot attack the civ. Leave them alone.

Any questions? Comments? + or -? Shit needs to be looked at, fixed, criticizm needed.


Why am I putting this out there?

Frankly, I think the zombies just need an event of their own. We need to show the Zombie group some LOVE, am I right?

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