Rules. If one of you guys won't revise, and update them....

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Rules. If one of you guys won't revise, and update them....

Post  ThreeDawg on October 10th 2013, 9:22 pm

I will.

Next weekend, I'm open to dedicating pretty much my entire time to assisting with a rule update.


Because I'm tired of hearing little children, and little adults, jumping over lines that are not exactly clear, and as well screaming " BUT EETS NAWT IN DA RUUUUEEEEEELLLLLLSSSSS TEE FUKIN HEE "


Its time.

That, and neither Bob or Dexon, or anyone, seems to be moving their feet on the matter. So, I'm coming forward.

If this is greenlit, I'm happy to work with Bob, and others, in making the current pile of rules, less of a pile, more of an orderly stack.

Any rules that are created will be directly created WITH Bob ( Talking to him in a Voice Chat ), and possibly other admins.

No rule would be slid in, or revised, without Bob's permission.

Let me know what you guys think.

What needs to be revised/actually written in:

When it is appropriate to Raid someone.
What classes can raid, and who can raid who.
Putting down clear guidelines stating that Zombies can raid Cops or Crims, in any sort of Fortification ( This one has already been told to me by Bob, that this is OK. Due to the fact people are continuing to bitch about it, I feel it just should be written in. )
Clear guidelines on who the Zombies can attack, when, and who they cannot attack without being provoked ( Fired upon. This also needs to be made clear. I've had a few Fast Zombies skirting around this rule. It's annoying.)
What constitutes as RDM ( This needs to be made CLEAR. In my time as respected, I've already have had 2-3 people skirting around this rule.)
What Civies can, and can't do.
What Cops can, and can't do.
What Crims can, and can't do.
What Zombs can, and can't do.
What completely passive classes ( Birds, Pet Crabs ) can, and can't do.
Who can steal what ( Crims can steal from Cops, Cops can steal from Crims, only Thieves can steal from Civs. Feel free to knick any Zombie shipments. )

And many more.

TL;DR: Shit needs fixing. Let's fix it.

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Re: Rules. If one of you guys won't revise, and update them....

Post  Ablationer on October 10th 2013, 10:57 pm

hey hey i updated the MOTD like last week or 2 weeks ago.

All those things are already answered in the MOTD or are just plain common sense (like it would be dumb to not be able to steal from crims as a cop when you're allowed to shoot them in the face)
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