Two New Job Ideas

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Two New Job Ideas

Post  The Angel of War on July 12th 2012, 5:36 pm

1. The Hacker. Playermodel hostage_04, equipped with a SILENT Keypad cracker as opposed to a super one. The thought behind the hacker is that some people are not with the law, nor against it, they help out whoever they need to. I was thinking the hacker should be a neutral class, but can be killed on sight if caught hacking a keypad. They are with no one except those who may hire them. Salary of $35.

2. The Employee. Playermodels hostage_02 and hostage_03. They are designated as paid workers, for that they are given a lower salary than other classes as they must make their money by providing aid to customers and employers. The role of the employee is to enable a work-driven force which does not sit around making large amounts of money for being who they are. Salary of $10 (Because money must be earned as previously stated).

I am aware that the idea behind the hacker is likely to be refused as it suggests a neutral criminal, the main reason for it is simply to fill that playermodel with a temporary job until a more suitable occupation can be thought up to replace it.

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