Angry's Leave (For a while)

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Angry's Leave (For a while)

Post  TheAngrySniper on July 2nd 2014, 8:59 pm

So boys,

I was informed at work today I will be tasked with a 2 month long position in another province, the room I'll be staying in will more than likely not have wi-fi so I'm not going to bring my PC.

I'm going to have a laptop to utilize my phone as a mobile hotspot, but other than that I won't really be able to play on the server due to working pretty much every weekday.

I leave Thursday morning, I get back September 1st, good luck to ye all boys and I'll stay active on the forums.

- Angry


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Re: Angry's Leave (For a while)

Post  TheJackamj on July 2nd 2014, 10:47 pm

Aren't you a Newfie?


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