Staff Meeting 7/4/2014

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Staff Meeting 7/4/2014

Post  100% Turkeytron on July 5th 2014, 2:35 pm

For those of you who misses this Fridays meeting, here is a brief rundown of what was talked about. Also as a reminder all
meeting will always be every Friday at 6:00 pm EST. If it is changed, we will let you know.

No More Using /commands (/goto, /bring) unless you have to.
- Basically what this means, is that all the teleporting and bringing command spam is getting way to out of hand, and its worse
when we can't even see whos doing it. So from now on, if you need to goto or bring or spectate someone use the !command version
instead. That way we know when someone goes to someone for help and whatnot.

Abusing Powers
- What this means is that, people using spectate or noclip for anything outside of staff duties. Don't abuse it or I'll Gobble into
your soul. You've been warned.

Staff and Following The Rules
- Another thing is staff not following rules. You're part of the staff, your job is to uphold the rules and enforce them. Just because
you are part of the staff does not mean you therefore are exempt from them. We have been extremely lenient when it came to staff
misusing their powers and breaking rules, but enough is enough. Its not fair for normal users to follow the rules, but then them go
ahead and see the staff break them and nothing happens. So now staff will be treated the same (Warn, Kick, 2 Day Ban, Demotion).

What demotion means is if you are an Admin you go down to Operator. If you are an Operator you go down to Server Greeter.

Racism and Racial Slurs
- We've discussed this before and some people still don't seem to listen. Just because you don't have a problem with using them
doesn't make it right or mean it doesn't affect anyone. If you want to talk in such a way, do so with someone you know
doesn't have a problem with it, not around a bunch of people or to people you have no idea will get offended or not. You will
start being punished if this keeps happening.

And thats about all that I can remember about the meeting. There was some other stuff like Bob getting that new Gliette Razor that has
the little swivel ball for extra mobility and whatnot, so theres that. But yeah, there you go.


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Re: Staff Meeting 7/4/2014

Post  RoboReptile on July 5th 2014, 4:19 pm

We also covered - DO YOUR JOB AS A STAFF MEMBER. Look for calls in chat. It should be a race to get to the person as quick as possible to make sure that you either see the problem or can fix it right away.

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