Job ideas :D sorry if some are in already

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Job ideas :D sorry if some are in already

Post  Catastrophic on January 17th 2013, 12:49 am

I would really like to see more jobs and here are some i think should be added:

- Drug dealer
- Ninja [Has knife and can climb walls(CANNOT RAID using wall climbing)]
- Rebel [Rebels against the CP and must have a reason to rebel (Cannot RDM CP unless declares war)]
- Car dealer (Unless this is to hard to put in)
- Taxi driver (Buys a taxi and drives people, has to buy so people don't abuse)
- Black Market Dealer (Sells lockpicks, fast lockpicks etc, and some heavy weapons)
- Mercenary (Spawns with lockpick, a glock and a keypad cracker [(for when you guys put in fading doors)]
- Terrorist [Like a rebel but can rdm (RDM only with a jihad which will cost a lot and every attack has to be every 5 mins or so)]
- Bodyguard (Spawns with Glock and fists)

Thanks for reading, hope these will soon be in


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Re: Job ideas :D sorry if some are in already

Post  Ablationer on January 17th 2013, 7:47 am

drug dealer - kind of gives an unfair advantage to criminals only, i want to make stat-changing foods for the cook instead
ninja - so... a freerunner with a knife? just buy a knife. Or a neutral Yamakazi? what's the point if he's neutral.
rebel - what are you even on about
car dealer - cars are a pain in the ass
taxi - more car-related shit
black market - i actually wanted to give lockpick sellable to all the gun dealers but then i forgot, otherwise it's just a smuggelr
mercenary - so it's like a thief but without the downsides of a thief, i don't- what
terrorist - oh come on, have you even played the freaking server?
bodyguard - just rename your gun enthusiast job to that
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