Mayor idea and new jobs

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Mayor idea and new jobs

Post  Catastrophic on January 17th 2013, 12:58 am

I think there should be a new job something like a "vice mayor" this vice mayor will wait till the mayor dies and the vice mayor will get the mayor job, i hate killing the mayor and not seeing him get demoted but, new rule to, i think the mayor shouldn't have guns, and for that another new job called the secret service (spawns with mp5, AWP) will protect mayor at all costs, if you leave the mayor you can be demoted. And the pay should be alot because its boring sitting with mayor all day.


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Re: Mayor idea and new jobs

Post  Ablationer on January 17th 2013, 7:49 am

why would mayor get demoted for dying?

why would you even shoot the fucking mayor? it's a civilian

also we already have a ton of cop jobs so you can just use that
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